Weber smokey mountain

Weber smokey mountain.

Modern and multifunctional Weber Mountain Smoker. One of the crowning achievements of Weber Company is a compact and multifunctional smoker Smokey Mountain Cooker. It is very easy to transport. Due to its small size, you can take it with you for fishing or country picnic. The smoker consists of two levels, which gives you a […]

Smoking meat

Smoking meat.

The best recipes of smoking meat. The smoking of meat is a way of cooking, which pleases not only with its aroma, but also with its excellent taste. Almost all parts of carcass are used for the cold smoking. Smoke is an integral part of this process. If you need a certain way to smoke […]

How to build a smoker

How to build a smoker.

Build a smoker with your own hands. If you have a private plot, it gives you a unique opportunity to cook home-made smoke products. Of course, for this purpose you need to build a smoker. First of all, you need to choose the suitable place for building. It must be a land lot, distant from […]

Charcoal grills

Charcoal grills.

How to cook tasty dishes on charcoal grill. The food, cooked on grill, differ in its gustatory qualities. It’s very juicy, healthy and tempting. Besides, it has a very pleasant odor. Fish, meat and vegetables, cooked on grill, warm up twice as fast as the ones cooked in the frying pan or in the oven. […]

Barbecue grill

Barbecue grill.

Tips for the choice of barbeque grill. The summer is in full swing. It means that you can go to the country at any moment, taking meat and a bottle of tasty wine with you to arrange a “kebab dinner”. Of course, you can call this way of rest any way you like. However, irrespective […]

Bradley smoker

Bradley smoker.

From the history of Bradley smokers. The history of manufacture of the first Bradley smokers starts in Canada, recognized by the world community as the most environmentally friendly country of agricultural products. The first model of Bradley Smoker appeared in Canada in the 1970s. The Bradley Smoker is intended for the long-term cooking of excellent […]

Barbecue grills

Barbecue grills.

The main advantages of barbeque grills. It often happens that the same device is called in different ways: barbeque, barbeque grill, and grill. Some people stand to it that these are three different things, having significant differences. There the confusion begins. Some people think that one device differs from the other in its size. The […]

What is the best smoker

What is the best smoker.

How to choose the best grill smoker. Grill smoker is a universal smoking shed, grill, brazier and barbeque at the same time. How does the universal smoking shed work? The wood charcoal is put into a small compartment. The food (meat, fish, and vegetables) is cooked in the larger compartment. It depends on the operating […]

Grill smoker combo

Grill smoker combo.

The main characteristics of grill smokers. The culinary device “grill smoker” is a “tasty rest” after a hard work in the summer cottage. It will make you look differently at the pleasant tradition “to gather for cooking kebabs”. Grill smoker is a universal device for meat and fish products and vegetables. In its construction, the […]

Bbq smokers

Bbq smokers.

Different kinds of barbeque smokers. Cooking kebabs in the open air is still very actual in our time. However, barbeque also gains popularity. The term “barbeque” itself has several meanings. First of all, barbeque represents picnic. The second meaning of barbeque is that it’s a special device for frying. And the third meaning implies the […]