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The Definitive Guide to Buying the Best Smoker

Why Did We Write This Guide? There is a ton of information on smoking meats on the internet. So much, in fact, that it is easy to slip into information overload. How is one to dig through the mountain of information to sift out the actual data you might need? Have no fear. We have […]

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What’s The Best Offset/Horizontal Smoker?

In previous articles, we’ve talked about each kind of smoker: vertical smokers, wood smokers, gas smokers, electric smokers, and even the new pellet smokers. We left out one specific type of smoker… the Horizontal Offset Smoker, usually just referred to as an Offset Smoker. It’s a good choice for 2 reasons: They also function as […]

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What’s the Best Pellet Smoker?

Getting started in the wonderful world of smoking foods can be very confusing at first. There is so much information out there, and it seems contradictory at times. Other times, it seems like the sites are just interested in selling you a bill of goods. Well, you can relax, now. You have come the best […]

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What’s the Best Gas/Propane Smoker?

If you are new to the smoking/grilling world, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available. Foremost on most tyros minds is, “What kind of smoker do I need?” Well, you have definitely come to the right place for clear, concise information. We try to supply good, relevant information, reviews […]

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What’s the Best Electric Smoker?

Smokers are one of the most varied cookers around. This is because of the range of fuel choices you have. It can be daunting to a newcomer when they are trying to determine if they need a charcoal-burner, gas, electric, or wood pellet smoker. The good news, is that you have come to the right […]

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What’s the Best Charcoal/Wood Smoker?

If you are new to the smoking world, or even if you are a seasoned smoker veteran just looking for more detailed information, you’ve come to the right place. This site provides the most complete and concise information on smokers. These articles are written by a professional barbecue and smoking expert, with decades of experience, […]

The Essential Guide To Brining Before Smoking Meat

The Essential Guide To Brining Before Smoking Meat

Ah, the enticing aroma of moist, freshly smoked meat. Nothing can excite the senses quite like this olfactory treasure. It appeals to the soul on a very primitive level. It hearkens us to the days our profession was hunting, and dinner was a freshly-killed mammoth. But it is not always so. How many us us […]


A Chef’s Guide To The Best Meats To Smoke

Based on my experience as a professional chef and outdoor cook, I have selected the factors that, in my opinion, make a meat good, or not so good, for smoking. The Science Behind Smoking Meats To understand what makes a cut of meat suitable for smoking, you need to understand a little bit of science, […]

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Best Grilling Tools

The 5 Best Grilling Tools: Every Tool You Need for Great Tasting Meat When smoking meat, you need all of the right tools to make your experience simple and easy. All too often, the one aspect that is causing your meat to come out less than savory is that you simply do not have the […]

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Best Grilling and Smoking Books

The Top 5 Best Grilling and Smoking Books Every Man Must Read 1. Smoking Meat: The Essential Guide to Real Barbecue Smoking Meat is the novice griller’s guide to success. Not only is this book packed with 208 pages of true southern cooking, but the author is an avid griller who loves that taste of […]